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For Social Good 

What's "On the Way"?

We run art & music based charity campaign “ON THE WAY” .

There are so many important issues that need attention and support, and we believe that entertainment, mass media

and the performing arts can drive social change and help push important issues to the forefront,

because they shift attitudes, shape our culture, and generate empathy.

We believe that when big brands and celebrities come together for a higher purpose, the power to do good increases exponentially. 

Therefore, we try to reach out to contributors  with the lens of popular culture to create social impact, and we commit the respective

influence to help advance social and philanthropic causes on behalf of individuals. 


“ON THE WAY” campaign is supported by many leading names in music and entertainment industry from around the world,
it will create positive impact on the world through different forms of art, music, and performances. 

Proceeds from “ON THE WAY” campaign will be donated to various non-profit organizations including United Nations High Commissioner

for Refugees(UNHCR), Medecins Sans Frontiers, UNICEF.


We don’t create targeted messages or raise public awareness about specific causes.

Our focus is on expanding a donor base to reach a new generation of supporters. 


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